Tankschön and start in fourth gear

Lange rested my activities on Elfi. The reason was in my frustration on the tank. Although it has a wonderful look: on the contrary almost without burr, with a slightly weathered chrome, but quite respectable, but on a rather inconsistent aspect for a tendency to the incontinence of the tanks of fuel. In other words, due to internal corrosion, the problem is as garish as a sieve.

Nice and leaking: The original tank

After several sealing passes using epoxy resin, new tiny holes always open. After my desire to cum success Rotation exchange on my 65er Eiertank Woke up, I still attacked Elfi. In the eBay classifieds, I found a tank rather unattractive, but dense, and that at a great price.

Beulig but dense: the "reserve tank"

This tank that I mounted allows me today, as well as a bench for one person (the original is still waiting for your work) to make an adjustment not quite correct to finally perform a first try.

"Muletto" ready for a test drive

The driving test immediately revealed the next disappointment: the commutation kinematics of the indirect circuit is so worn that it is impossible to insert the gears: only the fourth and fifth gear can be inserted. After all, with a lot of speed and clutch, I managed to run a few hundred meters.

Next problem area: Indirect circuit.

Fortunately, the "wear parts" of the switching kinematics are all to be obtained individually. In the near future, I will start a new adventure and immerse myself in the mysterious world of indirect switching. Let's see what surprises await me.

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