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As mentioned before, the background of the renovation is over and I have started to rebuild new and refurbished parts on the torso of the moped headless. Below you will find a brief overview of the project.

After the key remnants I had pulled out of the lock cylinders of the steering lock and the toolbox, I had a key duplicated. It works fine in the direction lock, but in the toolbox, it has failed its service. I then exchanged all the lock. The lockable fuel cap was taken out of service and replaced with a non-lockable.

The strange M10 construction on the right upper support of the porcupine has been replaced by a correct construction. The struts and stakes were cleaned. If the struts are still "good", this will prove to be a test.

Fight the frickel.
Suspension leg before / after

The brake light switch was folded and replaced with a new piece.

New / old

In position

The holder of the registration plate was folded. It has been tried and released some 500 g of two-cycle road waste mix. The taillight has been cleaned.

The chain has been renewed, the brakes have been replaced. As proof of the brakes, I found with satisfaction that I have enough experience: it's fast and without pinching fingers! It even happened so fast and so easily that I forgot to take a picture of the new cheeks.

The installation of the rear wheel always seems like a circus number. Somehow move the rear wheel under the mudguard in front of the mudguard. Then lift the wheel, connect the axle already and plop the wheel on the gear Mitnehmergummis. Pushing, pulling, pushing, jerking and violence do not work, but then, if you do not look on your own. Do not lose the brake lid! Then, torture the brake bracket in the template much too small and well from the bottom-obliquely behind so that everything is stalled and nothing happens. Delicate blows with the rubber mallet follow desperate blows, where everything goes in the wrong direction. And just when we swear to swap the whole bastard against a Z├╝ndapp, the fact "klonk" and everything is set up. This is followed by the no less agonizing procedure to tighten the chain. Here you can choose whether you want to set the right chain game or simply install the rear wheel. The result is always an unsatisfactory compromise. There is a very simple trick, which leads to the correct installation position in a few simple steps, but unfortunately it is kept locked in the crypt of Kornwestheim Cathedral. Now, have a coffee!

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