42Hobbies: to come: Elfi

Life is like that: the other day I was with the W126 for cavity sealing and wheel arch repair at Karrosseriefachbetrieb. It turned out that the man is a member of Kreiflerfreunde CologneYou start a conversation and I mentioned that I had the intention to reduce something of my Kreidlerbest√§nde. Apparently, without much interest, my counterpart took note of this announcement. However, at the next appointment, he came back to talk about the subject himself and asked what he was talking about. I decided to give it almost everything that is stored on the sites of my magazine (RM `74, RMC-S` 79, RS frame with parts). The conversation deepened and he showed me his toprestaurierte and topgetunte RS. Next to this parked jewel, a little dusty and flat, a RS (Bj.`72) of the early 1970s in very good condition. Excited, I asked what he was doing with this moped. I could buy that, it was more of the tuning faction and that RS was too old and well received to tune them. The Kreidler was for him, you know, go for it, and in reality he wanted to work (while maintaining the beautiful state of patina), but really does not match his collection. On my question about the price received first and foremost a very evasive answer. He could even look at what I had to offer and maybe there would be something in exchange …

A few days later, he visited with his brother-in-law and inspected my inventory of vehicles and parts. They seemed to like what they had seen, because soon after they started discussing the project for which room or which vehicle was to be used. After some negotiations, we agreed that the RS should pass in my possession with a motor running "made" in exchange for the compilation.

The RS is still with its owners and mopeds in my garage, but the engine of "Elfi" is already under construction.


The picture suggests the good condition. The original lamp is already ready. The engine plates, the chain guard and the fork fairing were painted black by the first owner (hence the name "Elfi"). Probably for the Kreidler to see the `73 successor model similar. In appearance, black paint can be removed relatively easily.
"Need a little love." says the Englishman. Elfi is in good hands with me.

We need to make room for Elfi: `74 RM and …

… `79 RMC-S

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