42Hobbies: Elfi in the House

I know: you should only give names to children and animals, but in this case it is not my fault. The 1972 RS already called "Elfi" when I traded them. Finally, the name bears witness to the rather extraordinary fact that the first (and so far the only) owner was a woman. Elfi just.

Although barter has already occurred in the late summer on the scene, I have now come to search only the moped in the local stable. To inventory here some photos.

End of summer 2013

January 2014

The Kreidlerfreunde Cologne (of which I am now also a member) and from which I took over Elfi were so friendly to overtake the engine and "blacken" the engine mount. Incidentally, this was done by cleaning with thinner and not by painting. Elfi already has an original lighthouse.

Nevertheless, I still have a lot of work to do: First, the tank inside must be rusted. The bench needs a visit to the saddler, the brakes are replaced and all the trains are replaced. The missing speedometer must be replaced. And finally, I will practice my parade discipline, work and clean. For the TÜV, the good piece too, because I'm very curious about it. Then spring can come.

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