42Hobbies: Change & # 39; 65 Florett Swing Arm Bearings

Small sins are immediately punished by God, average stupidity even later. In my case, it's stupid not to have changed the swingarm bearings of my sheet 65 during the 2012/13 renovation. At that time, the swingarm did not seem to have any play for me. It was not, the rings had an intimate connection with the dirt and gummy oil came in.

However, this connection did not last: once my engine performance problem was solved by a larger cylinder (thanks to Gerd's friends from Kreidler in Cologne!), I did some important tests on my bike after a short time really spectacular game. recognized swing arm. The rear wheel measured a centimeter in both directions. The rear axle now mitlenkende led to the driving behavior more corresponding egg, also launched the Hinnterrad inside the wing to grind.

I have therefore ordered new catches from Lothar Hanke and, for safety reasons, new BSA holds as I did not expect the old ones to survive the expansion.

Plastic sockets and BSA shims

In Kreidler's "blue instructions", barely five lines are lost for the exchange of the Schwingenlager. Before getting to work, I had hoped that the exchange of takes with "beat out / rekloppen" was easy to do. But now we come to divine chastisement: the Lord has blessed me with a moped whose chain is divided vertically. And to remove the axle from the swingarm, you must remove the outer half of the chain case. And to remove this half, you have to disassemble the rear wheel, the sprocket holder, the chain, the rear footrest and the damper. The inner half of the chain case is automatically removed. And once you're ready, you can pull out the swingarm to clean it.

BSA holds were contrary to expectations and are not rusted and are relatively easy to sink. Fortunately, the new parts do not fit the diameter. The rausschlagen of the axis was already more difficult, against targeted hits with the hammer of 2 kg, but they could not resist. At least now, it was clear that with the "rausklgeln / reinkloppen" with the rear wheel still mounted, anyway, it would not have worked. So it was good that I had to break half of the moped.

From the factory, only sticky crumbs remained. The frame sleeves that I cleaned with the Dremel-Drahb├╝rste.

The gap in the image above should actually come from the neck of the
Wearing be filled. The original parts were however
Widely dissolved in the dust.

Then the new bearings were deburred, greased and inserted into the frame with light hammers of rubber hammer.

New rings in the frame, the nylon sleeve underneath protects the frame of the slamming chain.

The swingarm and swingarm have been thoroughly cleaned. The axle was polished with steel wool until it was again quite easy to sink into the holes of the rocker.
The installation of the rocker was quite complex, because it must be pressed with a slight force on the protruding neck of the positioning pads. First, I fixed the swingarm on the exhaust side with the help of a ratchet (extension), and then I hit it from the other side using the rubber hammer in position. It sounds easier than that, but after the third or fourth try, it worked. Finally, I pushed the axle into the frame (pay attention to the correct position of the notches for the holds!). Then, of course, the punishment must be – the rear wheel, the chain guard, etc.

Overall, the action lasted about six hours. After more than a year of break, screwing was very fun. First of all, the driving test on the Kreidler Stammtisch with improved eklantant driving behavior convinced me that the effort had paid off. I should have done 2013 already.

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